Abdou, originally from Algeria, is the globetrotter of our team with a rich experience of living and working in multiple countries. His professional and personal connection with the Maghreb countries were instrumental for the concept of our project. In our team he is responsible for managing the relationship with our suppliers, local female led cooperatives and others. He manages as well the import of our products from the Maghreb countries into Belgium.


Maria is the brains behind the operation. With her studies in law, European politics and in management she developed the vision and values of the project and transited these into the company’s future strategy, ranging from financing, to marketing and communication aspects. In our team she supports Abdou, her husband, who is the project lead of Chouïa Maison.

Ninai is the creative driver of the project. Most of her professional life she has designed prints for Zara clothing, some of her pieces being sold worldwide. Her studies in fine arts and design give her a true sensitivity for the choice of the finest quality products, intersecting tradition with modernity. She also supports Maria in the communication aspects, especially social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. She is also the team member who will be able to personalize the designs as required by our clients.

(E-mail) : [email protected]