Process of making a Moroccan Rug


1. Shearing

Experienced shepherds tend flocks of sheep. The shearing of the flocks’ wools occurs during winter.

2. Cleansing and drying process

Next, they rinse the wool in a river and beat them against large boulders. This process cleanses the dirt and wears. They later spread them in the summer sun until dry.

3. First Stringing

The skilled women get to work on the wool once it gets dried. They spin them with just their hands, wooden dowels, and shins into long strings of yarn.

4. Dying and Second Stringing

Depending on the style in mind, they could leave the yarn in its natural color. The artisans could also dye the yarns using natural pigments before they take them to the studio. Then they get strung onto looms.

5. Weaving

The actual work begins as the women weave a design from the yarns. Each woman, or two on certain occasions, works on a rug. This process could take a month sometimes.

6. Final cleansing and Drying

The next step is soaking the rugs in clean water. Then they thoroughly scrub and spread them over wooden racks to dry.